Abbie leads the choir Abbie Weaver
Graduate Student, Conducting

Abbie Weaver

Abbie Weaver is a graduate student in Conducting in the School of Music and Dance. She was introduced to music and started playing piano at a young age. “My mom was a music teacher so I grew up in that world. I played French horn starting in 5th grade and I have just been involved in music ever since,” Weaver says. Although French horn is her major instrument, she can play almost any instrument at some level. She is new to San Diego and the west coast experience. “I’ve really been in love with the beaches, so many water activities to do.” Regarding her experience at the School of Music and Dance, Weaver says:

“I love that [the music program] is growing. It’s just such an unique time for the arts here. And we are collaborating with all the other areas like the choir, the orchestra, journalism classes, even visual arts programs, like graphic design. It’s a lot of collaboration and a lot opportunities to meet different artists. It’s really full scale and I enjoy that.”