Black and White of filmmaker Ben Brahem
Television, Film, and Media Major
School of Theatre, Television, and Film

Ben Brahem

Ben Brahem may be far from his hometown in Copenhagen, Denmark, but the cinematographer is right at home as a Television, Film and Media major at San Diego State University. Brahem’s fascination with film started at a young age, when he would watch his favorite movies and wait until the credits started rolling down to read the names of the people “behind the camera.”

Brahem recalls his first day of his fine art photography class at SDSU. “It was a dark room—Professor Ollman poked a hole in the wall and demonstrated camera obscura, the fundamental of images — the reason why we have photography and movies. It was like magic to me. It was the basis of all [photographic] art forms and it was right in front of me!”

Brahem’s passion and drive is apparent in his work– he is an award-winning filmmaker who received a Kodak Award of Merit for Cinematography in 2015. He appreciates everything he has learned at SDSU. Brahem emphasizes, “SDSU’s faculty are the greatest — we have a phenomenal Film Department. They’ve mentored me for over 4 years and I could not be more grateful. They really help students beyond the classroom and that was unique to me.”

Brahem never runs out of inspiration because he finds it in other artists’ works: paintings, art installations and the films of his all time favorite director, Andrei Tarkovsky. Brahem’s advice to future filmmakers is to “take risks! There is only so much you can learn from a classroom and other people; a lot is on your own.”