Arts Alive SDSU logo Bernardo Mazon
Theatre Major
Actor, Water by the Spoonful, Fall 2014

Bernardo Mazón

“I don’t think I’m gonna have a role as challenging as this for a long time. I firmly believe that everything we do here at school is to help us learn, to teach us so that we get an experience. And there are a lot of times where students go through something and it’s just kind of another trial. But this has been a journey, and I believe that even by the time we close [the show], I still won’t be done with it. In a good way, this show is gonna haunt me. ‘Cause I love it so much. I used to be obsessed with understanding people. Why we make the decisions we make, why we behave the way we do… It’s not so about much the performance or the glamour of being an actor, it’s really just the work, the parts that are hard, the parts that are just really gritty.”