Film student shoots with camera Chelsea Best
Sophomore, Film Production major with a minor in International Studies & Theatre

Chelsea Best

Chelsea Best is a film production major with a minor in international studies and theatre. She chose film production as her major after taking a news broadcast production class in junior high, as it was an eye-opening opening experience. Best started working more on creative production projects such as short films and music videos as a freshman at SDSU.

She was recently invited to participate in the Cannes Film Festival in France for her short film titled Enamored.

Best directed, filmed, and edited her short film and submitted it for Campus Movie Fest last year. The film won Best Actress, and one of four Jury Awards. Awardees are invited to the Cannes Film Fest in May, which Best is currently fundraising to go for.

Best also participated in Campus Movie Fest the year prior, and said:

“[The] process of it was so fulfilling that I wanted to do it again, and it led to such an amazing opportunity.”

When describing her experience, she said she had a lot of fun with producing the film, especially since she collaborated on it with her friends. Her best friend, Ashlyn Savidge, was the lead actress and will be going to Cannes with Best. Best was the only film major on the team, which made it a lot more exciting and rewarding for her.

When asked why she wanted to pursue film as a career, she said:

“You want to pursue something that doesn’t feel like a job to you. You’re constantly working with people on a team; it’s a collaborative effort. It’s about the creativity and being able to do anything with it.”

Being a student at SDSU encouraged her passion and she said felt like she’s learned a lot in such a short time, although she’s already a sophomore.

Best is still unsure of where she’s headed in her career in production. However, she loves the collaboration in the process of making films. She has discovered that filming was a different way to use her voice and the good feedback that she’s received has encouraged her to follow it as her passion. “It’s a way to express myself in an art form.”

The film is about a girl who is infatuated with a boy that she meets for the first time. She thinks she’s in love… but is she? Check it out below. You can also support her in her trip to France here.

Enamored by Chelsea Best on YouTube