Christopher Yarrow rehearses for Rabbit Hole Christopher Yarrow
Theatre Major
Actor, Rabbit Hole

Christopher Yarrow

What’s something about theatre that most people don’t know, but you wish they knew?
“Theatre is still alive and well. There are a lot of people who are surprised that anyone would study stage acting. They think theatre is dead or it’s something your grandparents go to, or you only do it in middle or high school and no one takes it seriously. But there are really great people doing wonderful work all over the country. So go see some!”

Do you ever get nervous as a performer?
“I don’t get nervous until the night before opening, and then I can’t sleep. All day I feel a little excitement, energy. Then right before the curtain goes up, I’m so excited I think, ‘I don’t know anything– I can’t remember any of my lines! I can’t go on!’ and then the curtain goes up, and my energy explodes, and it’s life.”