Daniel Galuppo speaks at an event Daniel Galuppo
Student, Film Production


Daniel Galuppo

Daniel Galuppo is in his fourth year as a Film Production major at SDSU. Galuppo has lost track of the number of films he’s made since he first became interested in film production during his sophomore year of high school, but he estimates the number is in the hundreds. “When I was a freshman in college, I already had 100 videos.” Galuppo prefers directing over any other role in filmmaking, but he also likes producing because of the broad scope of the job. “I was in charge of literally organizing everything. From crew, to figuring how much it’s gonna cost, where we stay, how we get the location… You work with the director on anything they need and everything that’s in the script. If you’re the producer, you’re in charge of putting it all together.” Daniel founded the Film Society at SDSU and leads the weekly meetings. He emphasizes at his meetings that anyone can be a filmmaker. “You’re not born with it. I wasn’t born with it. I truly believe the reason I’m doing what I’m doing still is because I put the time into it. It’s about time and passion. If you have the passion, you can be a filmmaker.”