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M.F.A. in Musical Theatre, 2016

Jacob Brent

Jacob comes to SDSU after a successful career on Broadway. He played ‘Mr. Mistoffelees’ in CATS for eight years and worked very closely with the creator, Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber. “I like to say I have a Master’s in CATS and this is my second Master’s degree,” said Brent. He also happens to be the only actor who performed in the Broadway, London, and DVD production of CATS. In addition to performing, Brent has also taught dance at Steps on Broadway and the Broadway Dance Center. Despite his professional success, Brent is happy to return to school and believes SDSU is a good fit for him. “It is the only program in the country that celebrates someone like myself, who has had a career and then takes everything that you know and reformats it so you can be an instructor,” said Brent. After graduation his goal is to teach and eventually run a musical theatre program at a university. “I would like to be part of teaching and ushering in the new generation of musical theatre performers,” said Brent.