Jeff Ray
Guest Artist
School of Art + Design
SDSU Downtown Gallery

Jeff Ray

Jeff Ray’s work is on display in the SDSU Downtown Gallery in Cathedrals: Jeff Ray from April 7 – June 12, 2016. Ray’s art has a unique style that encompasses four different mediums in one extended piece. Photography, painting/drawing, video, and music come together to create a collage piece that is experiential and performative, sometimes accompanied by live music by Ray himself.  The combination of mediums in Ray’s art allows for a more immersive experience for the viewer because multiple senses are engaged as they take in the overall piece.

Ray, an atheist/humanist, was exposed to the beauty of cathedrals at a young age. Although he does not view them in a religious way, Ray feels that these structures are spiritual on their own and deserve to be appreciated for their architectural beauty. He explains, “The tall ceilings and large space draw the eyes upward, causing the cathedral to become essentially a metaphor for looking up into heaven, built for the believers to get closer to God.”

A former aspiring architect, Jeff uses his four elements or mediums to highlight the beauty of these gorgeous structures from a very different and unique point of view that everyone can enjoy.