Jessica Humphrey performs in Les Miserables Jessica Humphrey
M.F.A. in Musical Theatre, 2016

Jessica Humphrey

Jessica Humphrey is a native of Dallas, Texas and went to college at Western Carolina University where she received a BA in Music and Musical Theatre. After graduating in 2011, Humphrey moved to New York City where she performed in several regional shows including the regional debut of The Boy from Oz. In addition to those performances, Humphrey also did some work with organizations such as the Ziegfeld Society and studied voice with Andrew Byrne. Eventually she decided it was time to further her education in musical theatre at SDSU. “I like this program because it has a split focus on both scholarship and preparing students to teach,” said Humphrey. After graduation her goal is to lead a theatre program at the university-level, while still remaining active and up-to-date in the professional musical theatre world. “My goal in teaching is that I am an educated professor, meaning I know what’s going on in the industry,” said Humphrey. “I want to know what’s going on in New York and what auditions are like, so that way I can adequately prepare my students.”