Julia Cuppy performs in Les Miserables Julia Cuppy
M.F.A. in Musical Theatre, 2016

Julia Cuppy

Julia is public school teacher from Southern Oregon. She has spent the past 10 years teaching and producing over 40 theatre productions. She has a Master of Arts in Theatre and English Education from Southern Oregon University. However, Cuppy has decided it is time to follow her dreams. “One of the things I aspire to do is become a college professor,” said Cuppy. She has always loved musical theatre and how music brings an extra element to the performance. “I am an actor/singer, so I find myself wanting to take the honesty of a moment onstage to the next transcendent place through music,” said Cuppy. In fact, she not only practices musical theatre but collects it as well: Cuppy personally owns over 300 musical theatre vinyl records.