Singers Lauren Cernik-Price
Sophomore, Music Education Major and Choir Member

Lauren Cernik-Price

Lauren Cernik-Price is a Music Education major, choir member, and sophomore at SDSU. Her singing career started her freshman year of high school when she signed up for a technical theatre class and was required to audition for the school musical. Cernik-Price sang in the chorus of Aida and, after enjoying the experience, was cast the subsequent year as Carlotta in Phantom of the Opera. Since then, her passion has been singing and acting. What drew Cernik-Price to SDSU? “Basically, the location was close to home, inexpensive compared to my other choice– DePaul in Chicago. I get to commute every day and live at home. I also really liked the professors when we came to audition, I actually never had a voice lesson ’til I got to SDSU!”

When asked what non-musical people should know about musicians, Cernik-Price says:

“We work really hard for what we want. I wish [people] had more respect for us as artists, instead of going, ‘Oh you’re a singer? That’s cool, I guess.’ They see it as a talent, but they don’t see that it’s a lot of hard work. Like any other major or profession, we have to work really hard to be good at it. And also, we’re normal people… Just because we’re good at something doesn’t mean we’re weird and different! We just have a specific focus, like everyone else.”