Lissy shows a jewelry piece Lissy Selvius
MFA Student, Jewelry & Metalwork

Lissy Selvius, MFA in Jewelry & Metalwork

Lissy Selvius is a second year Master of Fine Arts specializing in Jewelry and Metalwork. She was first introduced to art in junior college, where she used it therapeutically to cope with anxiety and depression. Wanting to take her art further, Selvius finished an undergraduate degree in Crafts at CSU Fullerton before she began the MFA program here at SDSU.

But her interest in art had roots in her childhood. “I grew up crafting with my mom and in my undergrad- anything I did- I was always fascinated with some kind of functional art, mostly craft.”

When asked what she wanted people to know about her art form, Selvius explained:

“In general, people don’t realize that jewelry can have a meaning… a lot of people see [it] as a wedding ring; diamonds, shiny, polished… It can have a lot more meaning just because it’s worn on the body. I make mostly necklaces and brooches just because [they are worn on] a very intimate spot on the body- on your chest and around your neck. And when it’s off the body being displayed, it has a certain level of meaning because it belongs on the body.”

In addition to overseeing an interactive jewelry-making table at SDSU’s weekly farmers’ markets, Selvius is involved with ‘:AKA Wear It,’ an event series started by the SDSU’s Jewelry & Metalwork program. ‘:AKA Wear It’ invites viewers to wear and interact with jewelry created by the MFA students. The result is a transformation for both the jewelry piece and the wearer. As Selvius says,

“It’s really great to see people wear something that has such a loaded meaning– either to you or to them- depending on the conceptual natures of the work. And not just your own work, but other [artists’] too… people light up and [are] happy that they get to wear this cool piece of jewelry that they didn’t think could exist because they are so used to fine jewelry… that’s probably my favorite part about making what I make.”