Dancer jumping, mid spin against a blue background Nhu Nguyen
Dance Major
School of Music & Dance

Nhu Nguyen

Nhu Nguyen is a senior dance major in the School of Music and Dance at SDSU. Nguyen is completing her B.F.A. in Dance with a minor in Interior Design. Nguyen has been training in dance since she was a small child. When she immigrated to California from Vietnam with her mother at 16, she began to dance with a community organization called Transcendance that serves youth in underrepresented areas. It was the leader of Transcendance who encouraged Nguyen to begin a relationship with the incredible SDSU Dance faculty and pursue enrollment in the School of Music and Dance.  

Nguyen looks forward to extensive travel after graduation, when she can explore and discover new ways of meeting herself and the audience on the dance floor.  

“Dance is tricky. What most people see is [dance as a] background to support other forms of art, like music or text. I just wish that people could understand that dance stands alone as one of the first art forms that humans invented. Whether you ‘get it’ or don’t ‘get it’ there’s something for you in a dance performance because it’s not about arriving at a destination, it’s about the experience. Dance is a form of communication, but it’s not so specific like words: it’s very open. Dance creates this possibility for different people to bring in their personal experience, history and memory and make meaning from what they are experiencing in a dance performance.”