Omar Chavez Omar Chavez
Psychology Major
Assistant Director, Rabbit Hole, Fall 2014

Omar Chavez

Omar Chavez is a psychology major at SDSU, but he is also the assistant director for the School of Theatre, Television, and Film’s fall 2014 production of Rabbit Hole. Chavez became involved in theatre after writing a script for Playwrights Project with the SDSU Guardian Scholars. When asked about whether psychology and theatre overlap, Chavez says: “There’s just so many theories that go hand-in-hand with theatre. Actors have to know what behaviors to play out, what emotions to convey. Theatre is beyond just the script. You have to tap into the character’s life as if they really had one.”

Chavez also says his favorite part of the production process is watching the play grow. “When you start off, you just have the tools– it’s like IKEA furniture, and you’re like, where do I even begin? But now it’s starting to come together, it looks nice.”

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