Artist builds furniture Sophie Glenn
M.F.A. Student in Applied Design with Emphasis in Furniture Design and Woodworking

Sophie Glenn

Sophie Glenn is an M.F.A. student in the school of Art + Design with an emphasis in Furniture Design and Woodworking. She is the only woman in her grad cohort. Her furniture pieces were featured on campus in Fall 2015 in the University Art Gallery as part of “A Long Engagement: Wendy Maruyama and Her Students.” Here, Sophie is pictured working on her latest piece. “I’m really excited about this project– I’m trying to incorporate physics and sort of get things to work oddly,” she says. In the catalog for “A Long Engagement,” Sophie shares this anecdote:

“I never told Wendy this story, but when I was studying at Purchase College, I briefly dated a guy that had taken her class while she was a resident there. Every now and again, he would mention how Wendy gave him a ‘C’ on his final project and he would go on to explain why he thought he deserved a better grade. For the sake of his ego I agreed with him, but having known Wendy’s reputation (without actually meeting her), I assumed she must’ve had a good reason to give him the grade she did. When I was applying to graduate schools, I knew I wanted to meet Wendy, and see for myself what she and the program were really like.”