woman in blue tank top Meredith Habermann
Arts Facilitator

Meredith Habermann

San Diego based ceramic artist, Meredith Habermann is currently an MFA candidate at San Diego State University, School of Art and Design, expected to graduate May 2020. Originally from rural New Jersey, Meredith received her BA in Environmental Design from Franklin and Marshall College. After living in Japan for two years in her early twenties, Meredith decided to pursue ceramic arts as a professional career. Through apprenticeships and internships, Meredith developed a strong foundation in clay, but realized that production pottery was not suitable and thus became interested in the art behind pottery. Currently, in conjunction with clay, her practice has expanded to include non-traditional ceramics materials. Meredith’s interest in social psychology has lead her to explore the basic human desire to connect and how that need for connection drives us to conform to the culture we are in. In her work she uses  coming of age stories to discuss and critique the social, cultural and gender molds we put ourselves into. She uses materials of her youth, such as, paint, hot glue, glitter, beads, lanyard and hair. In 2018, she was the recipient of the PSFA Dean Award for her piece, Old Ladies Club. And in 2019, she received the Dean Emeritus Award for a wall installation, Breathes