Arts Alive Programs

Art Benches

Scattered across San Diego State University, the Art Benches brighten the campus and allow art to exist beyond the confines of a studio. Designed and painted by students, these unique benches offer vibrant, compelling, and functional art for the entire SDSU community.

Arts Alive SDSU Festival

The Arts Alive SDSU Festival is an annual arts event that takes place on campus every spring. Showcasing an eclectic variety of art, literature, dance, film, music, and theatre, the five-hour festival features live performances, exhibits, demonstrations, and interactive art-making activities in various indoor and outdoor locations.

Arts Infusion Program

The SDSU Arts Infusion Program is a pedagogical initiative designed to enrich any class in the arts, humanities, or sciences by infusing selected university art events into existing course content. Art can be entertaining and expressive, but it is also a way to explore possibilities, transform perspectives, and reconstruct meanings, which makes it a powerful vehicle for critical inquiry and creative problem solving. Because these valuable skills are transferable to a wide range of academic and professional disciplines, the arts are integral to the comprehensive education of university students.

Interdisciplinary Collaborative Teaching

Since 2015 Arts Alive SDSU has promoted the development of interdisciplinary curriculum by bringing faculty and students from the three arts schools together with faculty and students from academic departments outside the arts. The Arts Alive SDSU Interdisciplinary Collaborative Teaching Program has expanded opportunities for students in any degree track to participate in artistic activities in classroom and laboratory settings while encouraging art students to situate their work within the analytic context of the humanities and sciences.

Pop-Up Events

Pop-Up Events are informal performances, exhibits, demonstrations, and interactive art-making stations that appear at various locations on the SDSU campus. Like the Art Benches, the Pop-Up Events enrich the university environment by bringing the arts outside of traditional venues into the centers of student activity, inviting all members of the SDSU community to share the experience. Please note that all Pop-Up Events are free and can be identified by the Arts Alive SDSU banner.

Research and Assessment

Arts Alive SDSU is committed to a rigorous program of research that examines ways that an arts integrated curriculum impacts the educational experience of a diverse population of university students. By developing quantitative and qualitative methods for measuring student engagement in the arts, the Arts Alive SDSU research team can effectively assess how interdisciplinary arts activities contribute to the learning objectives of courses in the arts, humanities, and sciences.