Interdisciplinary Collaborative Teaching Program Call for Proposals

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Arts Alive SDSU is inviting all faculty (including those with tenured, tenure-track, lecturer, or hourly appointments) interested in working in collaborative and interdisciplinary contexts to create progressive courses that integrate artistic modes of learning. Course release time and small project budgets will be granted to selected faculty to collaborate with a colleague from a different academic area to combine pre-existing courses that have been modified to achieve interdisciplinary objectives. In Spring 2021, faculty awardees will receive up to three units of assigned time to co-create an innovative course with a functional syllabus and detailed class outline for implementation in the 2021–2022 academic year. Selected faculty must participate in the course development process (which includes regular attendance at meetings and workshops) and must also commit to teaching the revised course a minimum of two semesters.


Two faculty members from different academic areas in the arts and the humanities or sciences (e.g., Art/Biology, Dance/Engineering, Film/Business, Music/Psychology, Theatre/Education, etc.) will teach their respective course with the normal workload (WTU’s) assigned to their section. Working together, the instructors will redesign their pre-existing courses to satisfy multiple learning outcomes through an exploration of artistic practices. (Click here for examples of previous collaborations) The two modified courses must officially be offered at the same time on the same day, but each will be assigned to their own location, which will allow the participating faculty to determine when the students from both classes will meet separately and when they will meet together. Each interdisciplinary course must include a culminating group project that students will produce in the form of a presentation, exhibition, performance, or some other type of public event.


    • Each course must be co-created by two faculty members, one from a designated arts area and one from any program in the humanities or sciences.
    • Awardees will receive three units of assigned time for one semester in exchange for active course development and regular participation in scheduled project meetings and workshops.
    • Participating faculty must teach the course a minimum of two semesters, which requires the documented approval from the School Director or Department Chair.
    • Participating faculty must agree to contribute to the Arts Alive SDSU research agenda by assigning coursework that assesses the impact of interdisciplinary collaboration.
    • All courses must culminate in a public event (performance, presentation, exhibition, poster session, lecture, conference, etc.), the production of which will be supported by Arts Alive SDSU.


  1. Please CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE THE ONLINE APPLICATION, which includes the following:
    • The name, email address, and phone number of each collaborating faculty member
    • The course number, course name, and catalog description of the two pre-existing courses that will serve as the basis for the proposed collaboration
    • A brief project description (not to exceed 500 words)
  2. All proposals must be supported by a Department Chair or School Director, who must approve course release and class scheduling. Complete one of the following verification forms and upload the completed form where prompted in the online application.

Complete the Online Application

Please direct any questions concerning the Interdisciplinary Collaborative Teaching Program to Eric Smigel (Chair, Arts Alive SDSU) at APPLICATIONS ARE DUE OCTOBER 19, 2020.