About Arts Alive

A campus initiative to support arts-centric research and project development.

SDSU Arts Alive 2023-24 Brochure

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Mission and Values:

Arts Alive SDSU is dedicated to providing opportunities for students, faculty, and staff at San Diego State University to engage in the arts as an integral part of a comprehensive education that promotes creative research, interdisciplinary collaboration, professional innovation, and personal enrichment on campus and in the community.

Our Goals

  • To raise awareness of the vibrant arts programming at SDSU, while increasing attendance at SDSU arts events both on and off campus
  • To integrate arts activities into a wider range of academic life at SDSU, encouraging the participation of students in all disciplines
  • To facilitate collaborations among students and faculty in the arts, humanities, and sciences in courses that apply artistic practices as a mode of critical inquiry
  • To develop a national profile for SDSU as a progressive educational institution, providing arts-based models of interdisciplinary research, community engagement, and program assessment