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Course Archive for the Collaborative Teaching Program

Business of Design

Min Choi, School of Art and Design
Congcong Zheng, Ph.D. , Department of Management

ART 541 - Graphic Design
MGT 358 - Entrepreneurship

Spring 2018

History of Childhood

Patricia Cue, School of Art and Design
Eve Kornfeld , Department of History

ART 341 - Graphic Design
HIST 402 - HIstory of Childhood

Fall 2017, Fall 2018

Dynamics of the Writer's Room

Mounah Abdel-Samad, School of Public Affairs

TFM 510 - Television Writing
PA 340 - Administrative Behavior

Fall 2017

Dance Making Science

Joseph Alter, School of Music and Dance
Arlette Baljon, Ph.D. , Department of Physics

DANCE 145 - Dancemaking
PHYS 538 - Polymer Science

Spring 2018, Spring 2019

Lemon Sage Project/Let's Talk About SDSU

Shelley Orr, School of Theatre, Television, and Film
Kurt Lindemann, College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts

THEA 525 - Dramaturgy
COMM 462 - Ethnography and Communication

Spring 2017, Spring 2018


Arzu Ozkal, School of Art and Design
Forest Rohwer, Ph.D, Department of Biology
Anca Segall, Ph.D. , Department of Biology

ART 441 - Graphic Arts
BIO 600 - Advanced Topics in Microbiology

Spring 2017, Spring 2019

Healing Garden

Eva Struble, School of Art and Design
Paula De Vos, Ph.D. , Department of History

ART 404 - Painting II
HIST 415 - Pre-Contact and Colonial Latin America

Fall 2019

Urban Theatre

D.J. Hopkins, Theatre, Television and Film
Bruce Appleyard, School of Public Affairs

THEA 649 - Topics in World Theatre
CP 710 - Seminar in Theories of Urban Design

Fall 2019

Sounding Society

Kevin Delgado, School of Music and Dance
Erika Robb Larkins, Ph.D. , Department of Sociology

MUSIC 561 - Area Studies in Ethnomusicology: Brazil
HIST 556 - History of Brazil

Fall 2019

Dancing With Refugees

Chuyun Oh, School of Music and Dance
Huma Ahmed-Ghosh, Ph.D. , Department of Women's Studies

DANCE 380 - Dance History: Contemporary Global Contexts
WMST 310 - Global Culture and Women’s Lives

Fall 2019

Psychedelic Mirrors

Eric Smigel, School of Music and Dance
Bill Nericcio, Ph.D., Department of English and Comparative Literature

MUSIC 351 - Psychedelic Rock of the 1960's
ENGL 220 - Introduction to Literature

Fall 2016, Spring 2017