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Current Courses within the Collaborative Teaching Program

Plants and Design: Uncovering the Nature of Diversity

Kline Swonger, School of Art + Design
Lluvia Flores-Renteria, Department of Biology

ART 249 - Environmental Presentation
BIOL 530 - Plant Systemics

Spring 2022

Spontaneous Practice: Improvisational Acting and Motivational Interviewing

Katie Turner, School of Theatre, Television, and Film
Richard Bradway, Department of Social Work

THEA 431 - Workshop in Improvisational Acting
SWORK 381 - Practice Skills Micro

Spring 2022

Data Sonification and Analysis

Christopher Warren, School of Music and Dance, School of Theatre, Television, and Film
Aaron Elkins, Management Information Systems Department

MUSIC 560 - Music and Visual Media
MIS 620 - Electronic Business and Big Data Infrastructures

Spring 2022

Mesoamerican Ceramics

Mary Cale Wilson, School of Art and Design
Carlos Figueroa Beltran, Center for Latin American Studies

ART 526/627 - Clay and Glaze Technology in Ceramic Design
LATAM 580 - Indigenous Communities of Mesoamerica

Spring 2022